Got call from 1-800-532-4808?

You just got a call from a number you didn't recognize. On your phone it displays as"+1 800 532 4808" and you want to identify who and why is calling from this number.? The answer to this question is Online Pharmacy where you made a order. 

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Advanced Pharmacy Solutions 1-800-532-4808

APS was founded by pharmacists who understand the high cost of prescription drugs as well as the prescribing patterns of medications. The APS  philosophy involves education and one-on-one interventions that motivate consumers and change utilization patterns. APS is completely independent from pharmaceutical manufacturers and PBMs, and will make the best decision for each individual client. Our success is solely found when our clients save money by using our services and products. At APS, we know that every client has a different need. We will work with you to understand your concerns and identify solutions that fit your individual story. 

1-800-532-4808 services are always provided by pharmacists with nearly 10 years of experience in managed care pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, retail pharmacy, and drug information. 

Why is APS different?

APS is completely independent of any pharmacy benefits management (PBM) firm and any pharmaceutical manufacturer. Similar services may be offered by your PBM. However, those services may be designed to improve the revenue flow of your PBM. APS has not and will not accept monetary rewards for information provided to clients by a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

APS is also different because we combine the knowledge of a community pharmacist with information from your PBM in order to provide consumers with information that will maximize the prescription drug benefit and minimize costs. Community pharmacists do not have individual benefit information and the community pharmacy environment is not designed to handle such information.

How does APS work?

APS informs individuals about:

Industry changes

New drugs

New generic drugs

How to maximize prescription drug benefits, regardless of the design APS provides an online service to individuals for personal questions in a confidential, professional manner. All questions are answered by clinical pharmacists with nearly 10 years of retail, clinical and managed care pharmacy experience!

 APS is also available in a 24/7 manner with our online services.

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